Susan Shotton

I am a woman with visions who enjoys sharing my love and joy with people and animals.                                                           I appreciate the variety of cultures the world offers and love to travel. We are all sharing this relatively short experience called life I feel that we have more in common than not.                              I believe we should help each other, defend and love one another even if we don't always have same opinion. Being unique in our own ways; is what defines our personalities.

If a person is listening nature speaks.  The sky can cry for grief and sadness or bring the joy of a blue sky day. Sunsets beams encouragements, reflections. The spirit in the sky has no limits and it's always there. Fearsome, mysterious, awesome, beautiful.

My favorite class was color theory in college. It influenced the rest of my life. I love color, bright color, muted color, color influencing color. The study of color is never ending.

 My inspirations sometimes come from my personal feelings, or that of a season. Sometimes I will hear story and have a vision that I  must be express.

Please enjoy my inspirations and my love of color.